Mechanical tree pruning

We have a proven track record in the hire of mechanical pruning equipment to the macadamia, avocado, custard apple, mango and pecan industries as well as government agencies.

We're regularly contracted by local, state and federal government authorities to maintain vegetation under their control - including the Roads & Maritime Services NSW (formerly RTA), Department of Transport and Main Roads (QLD), local councils and National Parks and Wildlife Services in NSW and QLD.

At Eureka Macadamia Management, you not only get access to the very best machinery and equipment, you receive the very best technical expertise, practical solutions and advice to maximise your returns.

About our pruners

Eureka Macadamia Management has two mechanical pruners available to help a) optimise the performance of trees in your orchard and/or b) maintain vegetation.

The Afron Pruner and the Goliath Pruner can skirt, side hedge and top trees to different dimensions, and have been used to increase productivity in some of Australia’s best macadamia orchards.

Scientific research has shown that good management and regular pruning of selected varieties in mature macadamia orchards can halt the decline in yield experienced by these varieties. Pruning helps to maintain machinery access, increase light and spray penetration and reduce the risk of fungal diseases developing.

Kim Wilson pioneered the use of the Afron in the Australian macadamia industry in the late 1990s, then oversaw the design of the Goliath in 2003, and has spent more than a decade fine-tuning its performance. Kim will provide expert advice on the type of pruner to suit your individual needs and the best time to prune your trees.

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