Goliath Pruner

The Goliath pruner is a purpose-built machine designed to optimise the performance of very high macadamia trees found in older orchards. It can side hedge and top trees to different dimensions.

Our managing director Kim Wilson oversaw the design of the Goliath in 2003, and has spent more than a decade fine-tuning its performance. It has been used to increase productivity in some of Australia’s best mature macadamia orchards, and has also been used effectively in the avocado, custard apple, mango and pecan industries.

Scientific research has shown that good management and regular pruning of selected varieties in mature macadamia orchards can halt the decline in yield experienced by some of these varieties. Pruning helps to maintain machinery access, increase light and spray penetration and reduce the risk of fungal diseases developing.


  • 180 Hp 4WD purpose-built machine
  • 5 x 600mm blades
  • 3.5m cut per pass
  • vertical hedge up to 13m
  • flat top at 10m
  • rotating head (compared to fix arm)
  • removes majority of pruning from top of trees
  • all cutting angles from vertical to horizontal
  • cutting angles are adjustable while in operation.

NB: dimensions are approximate and may change slightly depending on situation.

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